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Kiernan or Kvornan?

I’m going to say Kiernan, because he reminds me of a teddy bear, fangs and all. :P Also, he looks like my dad, which I find funny.

nineyellowgirl said: So Lolita :3 By the way, how old is Vicki? 500 years? How old is DEATH?

Vicki was born in 1462, so she’s about 550. I don’t actually have an exact year in which the story takes place, so everyone’s ages is really give or take. XD Lolita is exactly 1000 and dear old Grim is 1003.

And while we’re talking about old people, Jennicor, who is the second oldest fairy still around after Lolita, is 905. All other fairies that are older have long since left the earthly plane for the ‘Eternal Realm’, which is sort of like Valinor in Lord of The Rings. Or that’s where the idea for it came from, anyway. :)

nineyellowgirl said: Lolita? Or Vicki? :D

Oh, Vicki wishes she was that old! :P She’s still a baby when compared to her parents’ ages. Lol.

Guess who celebrates her 1000th birthday in the next (Un)Pleasantview update?

Yes, you read correctly, that did say 1000. :P

Also, the next update is an interlude which I just finished writing (after days of trying to get the ideas in order). I’m unfortunately over 800 km away from my Sims 2 computer, so I won’t be able to start shooting until Monday. But it’s coming, my friends! It’s coming!

#26 - Vidcund and Circe :)

Gosh, how long has this little thing been sitting in my inbox? Why you no alert me tumblr! XD

Anyhow, here we go, this is a continuation of this drabble:

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  jaydesims said:
Jennicor or Olive? :]

Another tough one, but I’ll say Olive because of the mystery behind her multiple husbands and graves on her home lot. EA has done a fabulous job with her, and while Jennicor is a babe, her backstory is really left to the player. Olive, on the other hand, really makes you wonder. Also, GRIM! <3

Titania Summerdream and Magic

(In response to this.)

It was summer, 1763. It was her thirteenth birthday, the day every fairy celebrated as their coming of age, and it was also the first time she met him.

Titania lived for mischief, and it was no different at her party. She slipped elixirs into guests’ drinks, and couldn’t contain her laughter when they started barking like dogs or roaring like lions. She also hid a spider under her mother’s glove and nearly had a heart attack from laughter when her mother shrieked violently.

Overall, so far it had been a magical night for her. Until she raised a glass of juice to her lips and it caught fire. She dropped the glass in shock, and all attention in the room turned towards her. Now, Titania loved pranks, but only when she was the one pulling them. So, in her anger she scanned the room, hoping to find the culprit. She found him standing with her mother, a mischievous smile on his lips as he played with a small ball of fire in the palm of his hand. 

He was at least three-hundred years her senior. His skin was dark, like rich chocolate, and his hair was as bright as the sun at its peak. But it wasn’t his physical appearance that stunned her. It was his aura. It was rare magic, being able to see another’s aura, but it was a gift she (and her mother) had been born with. All her life she had seen various auras, of different colours and shapes, but none of them stood out like his did. It was like a rainbow had fallen from the sky and wrapped itself around him. And it left little Titania Summerdream breathless.

It didn’t help that she recognised his status. If he could manipulate fire, then he was of the Gossamer clan, a noble and completely out of her league. And going by her mother’s glares, insulting him was not a good idea. But when she made eye contact with him, he winked, and she realised that he was waiting for her move. She smirked. Oh, two could play at this game.

And so, with a little bit of mischief and magic, began a very unconventional friendship, and despite its up and downs, it lasted for centuries.

  holleyberry said:
Dina Caliente or Mortimer Goth?

Oh gosh, talk about putting me on the spot. :P Er…I’m going to have to say Dina. I’ve loved her as a character from the very first time I played in Pleasantview. Of course, I ‘knew’ Mortimer longer, because he was in The Sims which I played before The Sims 2, but I wasn’t into the premades as much, so he was just sort of…there. I came to like him much more in The Sims 2 though…but that was mostly because of Dina. XD

Send me any two sims and make me choose between them.


Sure, I’ll play, why not? 

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