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Why, hello there! My name is Reira. This little blog of mine will be covering my exotic, and not so exotic adventures in The Sims. Welcome to madness!

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Grim Reaper Sulks

"Mother, why is father sulking?" Vicki asked when she realised the cloaked figure was absently staring at the television.

Lolita looked up from the table where she was chopping vegetables. “Oh, a cat harassed him into resurrecting a Sim today.”



Vicki raised an eyebrow, which just caused her mother to roll her eyes.

"Don’t ask, Victoria, just don’t ask."


Happy Easter! Here’s Bunhead’s Noir dress with Bloom’s 3d cleavage. It’s for AF and enabled for EF, with fat & pregnant morphs included.

Comes in Bunhead’s textures and Alleluia’s lace textures. Credits to thesimtraveler for doing all the hard for me by attaching the boobs to the flamenco dress in the first place!

DOWNLOAD (mirror)

I’ve also donated a few things to the GOS egg hunt, so make sure to check it out this monday!


One moar thing~ I posted above stuff to GoS, But you can also skip going there and just grab ‘em from this or this link in case you’re feeling lazy. (but there’s lots of other cool stuff posted to the monthly theme thread so you totally should check the thread if you haven’t done so already!) :3


Warning: Sexual references and magical drug use

Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with?

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Kiernan or Kvornan?

I’m going to say Kiernan, because he reminds me of a teddy bear, fangs and all. :P Also, he looks like my dad, which I find funny.

nineyellowgirl said: So Lolita :3 By the way, how old is Vicki? 500 years? How old is DEATH?

Vicki was born in 1462, so she’s about 550. I don’t actually have an exact year in which the story takes place, so everyone’s ages is really give or take. XD Lolita is exactly 1000 and dear old Grim is 1003.

And while we’re talking about old people, Jennicor, who is the second oldest fairy still around after Lolita, is 905. All other fairies that are older have long since left the earthly plane for the ‘Eternal Realm’, which is sort of like Valinor in Lord of The Rings. Or that’s where the idea for it came from, anyway. :)

nineyellowgirl said: Lolita? Or Vicki? :D

Oh, Vicki wishes she was that old! :P She’s still a baby when compared to her parents’ ages. Lol.

Guess who celebrates her 1000th birthday in the next (Un)Pleasantview update?

Yes, you read correctly, that did say 1000. :P

Also, the next update is an interlude which I just finished writing (after days of trying to get the ideas in order). I’m unfortunately over 800 km away from my Sims 2 computer, so I won’t be able to start shooting until Monday. But it’s coming, my friends! It’s coming!